Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked Questions

Q; What are your opening hours?
Monday to friday 8 AM to16 PM and weekend by appointment .

Q: What is the minimum and maximum age that I have to be to rent from you? 
A: The minimum age you must be is 23 years, maximum age is 71. To carry a pillion passenger riders need to over 25 years old.

Q: How do we get from Pula Airport to your rental station?
A: We can pick you up at the airport. Please contact us to arrange this service.

Q: Why do you require a damage deposit? 
A: Damage deposits are the norm around the world in Motorcycle and motorcar rental companies for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, accidental damage must be repaired to maintain our motorcycles in pristine condition.In the event of an accident where no other vehicle was involved, the total damage deposit is taken until proper assessment of damage is completed. Any balance due to be repaid to our clients will be refunded immediately after we receive reinstatement estimate. Damage deposit reserved on pick up of motorcycle is 200€ - 700€.

Q: What documents do you require to enable me to rent a motorcycle? 
A: We require your driving licence and passport. In any event, at least one form of I.D. must carry a photograph of you. International licences are perfectly acceptable but not required.

Q: Is it permissible for the pillion passanger to drive the motorcycle during the rental period?
A: Yes, Once this is agreed at the time of collection, once the rider meets the rider requirements and a copy of a valid licence is copied, signed and attached to the rental documents.

Q: What can we do with our excess baggage?
A: We will be happy to hold onto your excess baggage at our premises free of charge.


Privacy Statement

Motorental-Istra is committed to providing personal data protection by collecting only the essential, basic customer / customer information necessary to fulfill our obligations; informing buyers of the way they use the collected data, regularly gives buyers the choice of using their data, and does not give or use their data for marketing campaigns. All customer data is deleted and made available only to employees who are required to do this after the orders have been made. All employees of Motorental-Istra are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

  • For all information or complaints you can call Tel: +385 52 223 408
  • Personal information from the order is not archived
  • Personal order information is not used for advertising purposes