Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked Questions

Q; What are your opening hours?
Monday to friday 8 AM to16 PM and weekend by appointment .

Q: What is the minimum and maximum age that I have to be to rent from you? 
A: The minimum age you must be is 23 years, maximum age is 71. To carry a pillion passenger riders need to over 25 years old.

Q: How do we get from Pula Airport to your rental station?
A: We can pick you up at the airport. Please contact us to arrange this service.

Q: Why do you require a damage deposit? 
A: Damage deposits are the norm around the world in Motorcycle and motorcar rental companies for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, accidental damage must be repaired to maintain our motorcycles in pristine condition.In the event of an accident where no other vehicle was involved, the total damage deposit is taken until proper assessment of damage is completed. Any balance due to be repaid to our clients will be refunded immediately after we receive reinstatement estimate. Damage deposit reserved on pick up of motorcycle is 200€ - 700€.

Q: What documents do you require to enable me to rent a motorcycle? 
A: We require your driving licence and passport. In any event, at least one form of I.D. must carry a photograph of you. International licences are perfectly acceptable but not required.

Q: Is it permissible for the pillion passanger to drive the motorcycle during the rental period?
A: Yes, Once this is agreed at the time of collection, once the rider meets the rider requirements and a copy of a valid licence is copied, signed and attached to the rental documents.

Q: What can we do with our excess baggage?
A: We will be happy to hold onto your excess baggage at our premises free of charge.


Privacy Statement

Motorental-Istra is committed to providing personal data protection by collecting only the essential, basic customer / customer information necessary to fulfill our obligations; informing buyers of the way they use the collected data, regularly gives buyers the choice of using their data, and does not give or use their data for marketing campaigns. All customer data is deleted and made available only to employees who are required to do this after the orders have been made. All employees of Motorental-Istra are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

  • For all information or complaints you can call Tel: +385 52 223 408
  • Personal information from the order is not archived
  • Personal order information is not used for advertising purposes



MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, a craft for motor vehicle renting. may modify or amend the General terms and conditions of the protection of personal data at any time by publishing the revised text on the website of Amendments to the General Conditions for the Protection of Personal Data will come into effect immediately upon their publication on the website
The User as a Respondent is responsible and obliged to review and review the valid General Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection available on the Web site of before each personal data disclosure.
On the website MOTORENTAL-ISTRA Motor Vehicle Dealers collects the following personal information of the respondent: name and surname, address, zip code, city, telephone number, email address, product mailing address, company.
Insight into the personal information of the user may, in the exercise of his / her scope of work in relation to the purchase agreements concluded by the buyers with MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, motorcycle repair business of the following persons: legal persons participating in the execution of a sales contract such as delivery service, bookkeeping services, IT support, marketing support, companies affiliated with MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, craft for motor vehicle leasing, public bodies requiring the submission of personal data in accordance with the regulations mandating MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, a craft for motor vehicle leasing. keeps a collection of personal information.
The Buyer agrees that MOTORENTAL-ISTRIA Motor Vehicle Dealers can process personal data for the purposes of own records and statistics, for the purpose of creating customer databases, for product information and services for delivery information, for the purpose of delivering promotional materials , improving customer relations, and improving services. MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, a craft for motor vehicle renting. these data may be provided to third parties for the purpose of performance of the contract, protection of the interests of the user and MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, craft for motor vehicle leasing and prevention of possible misuse, to better understand and understand the individual needs and user requirements as well as to develop the best possible quality of all MOTORENTAL- ISTRA, a motorhome rental business, has the result of increasing user satisfaction. MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, Motorcycle Crafts will keep personal information as much as is necessary for the purposes contemplated by these General Terms and Conditions.
MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, Motorcycle Crafts will ensure that the personal information of users is kept in a safe place (including reasonable administrative, technical and physical protection to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, copying, or alteration of personal data) access only authorized MOTORENTAL-ISTRA car hire craft
MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, a craft for motor vehicle renting. is committed to providing users with access to their personal information they have to ensure that their personal information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
If users request correction or deletion of their personal data, MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, craft for motor vehicle leasing will modify or remove such data.

MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, a craft for motor vehicle renting. does not record or store transaction data of users required to pay through the card.
MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, Motorcycle Crafts will keep personal information as much as is necessary for the purposes contemplated by these General Terms and Conditions.
The head of the personal data collection is MOTORENTAL-ISTRA, a craft for motorcycle renting.
The Head of the Personal Data Collection for each personal data collection he manages, establishes and maintains a record containing basic information about the collection, and in particular the following:
    • the name of the collection,
    • The name or personal name of the head of the collection and its headquarters or address,
    • the purpose of processing,
    • the legal basis for establishing a collection of data,
    • the categories of person to whom the data relate,
    • Data types contained in the data collection,
    • method of collecting and storing data,
    • the time period for storing and using data,
    • the personal name or the recipient's name, his address or seat,
    • the indication of the entry or the submission of data from the Republic of Croatia with the indication of the state or international organization and the external recipient of the personal data and the purpose for the entry or the submission prescribed by international treaty, law or other regulation or in the written consent of the person to whom the data relate,
    • Indication of measures taken to protect personal data.
Personal data in personal data collections is adequately protected against accidental or deliberate misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized alteration, or access.
Head of Personal Data Collection


The buyer agrees with the general privacy terms according to GDPR by verifying the order itself